Featured App: Game Dev Story

Available On: Android, iOS

Versions: Free, Paid - $3.99

Created by Japanese indie developer, Kairosoft, Game Dev Story is quickly becoming one of the highest rated games on the Google Play store with many five star rave reviews. Why is this game fun? I have no idea, but I am literally addicted. The games pixelated and retro music really bring you in and doesn’t want to let go until you realize it’s been two hours since you sat down.

Right now the game is %40 off making it only $2.50 on Google Play or $1.99 on the iTunes store. The goal of the game is to hire employee’s, increase their stats and create big hits in the industry. There’s tons of different options that you can develop from which is not limited to just the PC. Your game you create can also be nominated for awards at the end of the year, not only that but you can attend conventions like “GameDex” to increase your company’s fame!

Throughout the game, your office building gets upgraded so your able to hire more employee’s to get contract jobs done faster and increase the quality of your games you put out to the public. This game isn’t all fun and games though. It get’s really frustrating when your equipment malfunctions and your game quality goes down by nearly 50%. That frustration soon leaves after you find out it was till 1# on the market and sold over 200 million copies though.

I can think of a few features its missing, but overall the game is great and was totally worth the money even though it has a rather high price tag for a game on Google Play.

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