Featured App: Amazing Alex

Available On: Android, iOS

Versions: Free, Paid - $0.99, HD - $2.99

Rovio, the creators of the hit Android title, Angry Birds has been working on a new game which was just released yesterday. Amazing Alex is a game that integrates the physics of Angry Birds into a puzzle based game. So far, the reviews have been very good.

Your given a few different objects to place around the level to try and figure out how to beat the level with those objects. As an optional goal, you can put this objects in such a way that you also are able to earn the three coins to get the highest score out of each level. You get to play through 100 challenging levels which are spread out through four different locations. Rovio promises free updates, so you can expect more to come!

The puzzles are very challenging and while some people will say they’re ridiculously easy, they really aren’t. It’ll be easy to get past if your just going for the minimum of one coin to get past, but if you try and get all three you may just be playing that level over and over again. One of them I gave up on and just settled for the two coins, I just may go back and try again later.

Amazing Alex focuses on challenging your brain with physics based puzzles which are sometimes rather difficult to figure out. It intrigues you with its comic art style and its cartoonized jeopardy-like soundtrack.

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