The Last 1%

Blizzard has said in a new report recently that the new Starcraft II expansion pack ‘The Heart of the Swarm’ is on the verge of being ready for a beta test, with the programming almost complete.

Lead designer Dustin Browder is quoted as saying: “We are 99% done,” he says,  “but that last 1%’s a bitch.”

The units are in place, ready to go and the game missions are playable, but that last bit is very much the spit and polish. This is where the company very much reaches into the unknown and where things can pop up. But this is what beta tests are for, and I’m pretty sure that our very own Steve Perry is excited to be one of the lucky people in the test.

Dustin continues : “Like we could do a play-through next week that we’re like, ‘Wow this is really great.’ Or we could do a play-through and we still have 250 items we wanna fix. You know, historically speaking we’re doing pretty well. We’re getting there. But I don’t know for sure yet when we’ll be done.”

So as we all know, Blizzard is famous for their time. As we know, Soon™ 😉

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