Scrolls Rapidly Headed to Alpha Stage

Mojang’s new game, Scrolls, is preparing for a closed Alpha release very soon according to a blog post on the newly redesigned Scrolls website. Mojang has always released their games in Alpha stage so that the community surrounding the games has some input in it. Take Minecraft and Coblat for an example, both were released in early Alpha stages. You can expect a decent amount of content in this Alpha release though, Jakob has a list of things you can expect such as, multiplayer matches, singleplayer matches and a deck builder.

Keep in mind, the Alpha beta is not feature complete and is probably far from complete according to the list of things they want to get into the game before the open beta release.

You can read the full post on the Scrolls website where he lists many things he hopes to get into the game. You can also follow him on his twitter account, @JahKob, to keep up on the latest updates and his random musings!


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