Riders of Rohan Pre-Order Now Comes With Turbine Points

Turbine has released a post giving us updates on their most recent expansion, Riders of Rohan due for release on September 5th. There has been a lot of positive feedback on the pre-order bonuses of Riders of Rohan, but there has been a great number of people asking for Turbine Points included in the package like they were with their past expansion, Rise of Isengard. Turbine has granted the players wishes and now are offering up to 2,000 Turbine Points if you pre-order a copy of Riders of Rohan. These updated versions now include the following:

  • Basic Edition - 1000 Turbine Points
  • Heroic Edition - 1000 Turbine Points
  • Legendary Edition - 2000 Turbine Points

If you’ve already pre-ordered Riders of Rohan and slightly worried you aren’t getting these Turbine Points now, have no fear! Everyone who has pre-ordered Riders of Rohan will get these points, but may take up to five business days due to the mass amounts of pre-orders they have to go through. You do not have to contact customer service to get your points, they will be credited to you very soon.

I like companies that listen to their player base. Those companies tend to get more sales.

You can read up on the full thread on their forums.


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