No Screen In the Wii U?

Nintendo president Satoru Iwota has said recently that in the later design processes of the Wii U handheld controller, the tablet screen was almost not included in the final prototype of the console. The company was worried that the price of the screen would drive up the price of the console.

Obviously, trying to keep the price as reasonable as possible (I’m guessing to cater towards to casual/family market out there) this was always a big issue weighing heavily on the future of the next Nintendo console.

“Sometime during that final discussion we almost gave up on the idea of the additional screen,” Iwata told The Telegraph. “This was due to our concern over the expected high cost, it may not have been feasible to create this and sell it at a reasonable price point for the consumers.”

With Microsoft recently developing the Xbox Smart Glass technology and Sony with the Vita Cross-Play, it was an obvious no-brainer that at this point- Nintendo had to keep the small tablet screen as part of the controller.

One thing that Nintendo have always been good at is innovation. The GameBoy, the NES, the Wii. They’ve all been huge game changers in the video games market for one thing or another. When the Wii U was first introduced last year at E3 2011, the controller was so far out of left field that every gamer and gaming journalist stood around scratching their heads wondering what Nintendo had been smoking. But once again, here are the innovators of the hour with the tablet technology. So much that both Microsoft and Sony have come up with their own versions to at least somewhat contend with Nintendo.

Even with the lack of processing power in their new console, Nintendo still believe that they may be onto a winner with just the tablet controller. In the past, it was the motion controlling technology that had the Japanese company first out of the gate like a raging bull. What does this console hold other than tablet technology? And if that’s the only thing- is that going to be enough to hold the finicky, choosy mind of the general games-buying public?

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