Getting the Most Out Of Your Money

Lord of the Rings Online: Getting Your Monies Worth - Chapter 2

Now that we’ve covered getting the most out of your money Turbine Point wise, you probably want to spend those on some items in the Online store. You also may know that the online store is pretty expensive with 100 Turbine Points equaling to $1 USD. With that said, I’m going to try and help you save on your Turbine Point spending.

The first rule to saving Turbine Points is that you always have in mind that you are spending real money. After purchasing the card for the Turbine Points and entering them in, it may not seem like real money anymore. It’s really like converting USD to CAD, except your converting USD into Turbine Points which still has value, you haven’t lost any money yet. You may not be able to convert your Turbine Points back to USD, but in reality, all you did is convert USD into Turbine Points. Always keep in mind that you are spending real actual dollars even though it does not feel it.

Next, don’t purchase things out of frustration. Finding crafting materials may be frustrating, leveling might be slow, reputation gain might be getting very dull and boring, but don’t purchase these things out of frustration. An ideal situation to buy things like this would be when you plan to grind out reputation in advance, not just spur of the moment things. Can’t find someone to get you somewhere? Don’t purchase something from the Online store unless you plan on traveling a lot. To get somewhere faster, you’d be spending 50 cents (50 turbine points) for a one way trip that you may possibly not use again for the next hour. Purchase items that will benefit you in the long run, not just a spur of the moment purchase!

Turbine also offers new sales that happen within their online store very often. Some of these offers may include things like 25% off of exclusive playable classes, 10% of quests packs and etc. Always keep a look out for these because there is at least one new one every week and can save you a pretty large sum of money.

Those two situations may help you save a bit of points, but that’s probably not what your looking for exactly (coupons anyone?). After a little bit of searching I happened to come across a freely available coupon to use in the Online store. You can check out a weekly list of sales on their website. These aren’t a lot, but I’ve found a couple coupon codes:

DEMOCOUPON - May only be used once per account. Takes 5% off your whole order excluding Turbine Point orders.

LIXP25 - Each account gets one free 25% Legenday Item XP Tome x 5. Lasts through June 21st.

Safe travels, adventurer!




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