First Impressions: Lego Lord of the Rings

Release Date: Autumn/Fall 2012 Platform: DS, 3DS, PC, PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360. Genre: RPG/Fantasy/Adventure

In the middle of the deluge of trailers over the next week, TT Games snuck another Lego game into the mix. I personally, was completely surprised that the company chose Lord of the Rings to base their next series off. I mean, in their back story they have already made Star Wars, Harry Potter, Batman and Indiana Jones. I’ve played two out of four (Star Wars and Harry Potter). In the old games, the characters in the games themselves wouldn’t speak. It was all innuendo, nods, giggles and facial expressions. As well as Lego characters tripping each other up or shooting one another. This was fun and added somewhat of a personality to the game.

So TT Games have decided on yet another franchise, marching forward to steal the money from people who love the Lego video games. We join Frodo, Merry and Pippin on their infamous quest to get to Mount Doom, and along the way you will see Gandalf among others. Now, it seems in the new style of the Lego games (Batman DC Heroes included), the characters now talk. In Lord of the Rings, it almost feels like they ripped whole chunks of dialogue directly from the Fellowship of the Ring. The game itself is not entitled ‘Fellowship of the Ring’ but you get the impression that’s the way they’re thinking of going- which would make it into a whole series like Harry Potter. But this teaser doesn’t really give us much other than what you would expect from a Lego game. The characters look almost identical to the minifigures from the actual Lego sets you can buy from toy stores. I can only think that the game will play out just like all the other Lego games, follow the story, watch the cutscenes, collect the shiny gold objects (parts of The Ring, maybe?)

It almost leaves the door open for what Lego game is next on the cards for TT Games? Pirates of the Caribbean, maybe? Haha. I do love a bit of Captain Jack Sparrow!

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