E3: XBox Smart Glass

The Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) is only a few days away and Microsoft has given us a sneak peek of one of the features that it feels is key to their new line up. The XBox Smart Glass will be part and parcel of both Windows Phones and Tablets, it will allow the consumer to control their XBox console, play videos and other media from their phones or tablets, straight on their TV’s instead.

Now, I know that Apple has already done this with the Apple TV, but Apple doesn’t have a corner on the gaming market quite like Microsoft does. The Airplay-like competitor will also be able to feature the XBox apps on the device using Smart Glass, so Netflix as just one of the examples. It will be an app available from the Windows Marketplace, but in a thumbs-up-twist it will also be available for both Android and iOS as well. The app will be demoed at E3 next week and we shall hopefully have Microsoft shed some more light onto this interesting concept.

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