E3: New Super Mario Bros. 2

You can’t forget the ‘New’ in the title for this one, as this certainly isn’t your Super Mario World 2- 6 Golden Coins. Or is it?

There’s a definate abundance of golden coins, everywhere you look in this title. Either this is a an tribute to the old SMW2 or a large hint as to how much money Nintendo is hoping to make out of this title.

As it’s on the handheld Nintendo 3DS console, it now means that you can play your two favourite plumbers on the go. Collect coins, kill Bowser and the Koopa Brothers. I’m sure you should know the drill by now (It’s been enough years). Is it starting to feel a bit stagnant as a franchise though? I’ve lost count but I know there’s enough SMB titles on the market across so many different platforms. I honestly prefer the titles where it’s just Mario or Luigi by themselves as you feel like you’re playing a bit of a different game. I’m sure it will still sell pots of gold though for the company, I mean who can resist a Super Mario title, whatever it’s about?

Revealed at E3 as a trailer, the game is expected for a August 2012 release, months ahead of Paper Mario- Sticker Star or Luigi’s Mansion- Dark Moon. This should hopefully let them carve a large piece of the handheld market into their roomy pockets just in time for the Holiday rush- when they’ll make even more money. Looks like a good year for Nintendo, especially with Super Mario Bros. U also coming out for the Wii U around the same time. Tactical advertising is certainly Nintendo’s strong suit…

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