E3: Luigi’s Mansion- Dark Moon

One of my favourite Nintendo games to come out of E3 is the sequel to the GameCube smash, Luigi’s Mansion. I sadly, never owned a GameCube, but one of my friends did and we literally used to bunk off college to go and play Luigi’s Mansion at her house. (Yep, I did eventually pass). I have many a happy memory spent absorbed in that game and I am extremely glad to finally see a sequel.

Luigi is the under-loved and under-appreciated brother of everyone’s favourite plumber- Mario. He’s cute and funny and I think he has a bit more personality than that Italian in the red overralls. And now to keep up with Mario, Luigi gets his very own 3D game on the Nintendo 3DS.

Having played the original and watched whatever trailers I could find out there about the new sequel, I can see that it seems to run very much along the same story lines as the old LM game. The graphics are more sophisticated and the gameplay seems to be more attuned to the game being on a handheld console rather than a standalone console. One of the benefits I see of it now being a handheld game, is that you can play on the go and you’re not tethered to the console.

But with a slight design of the ghosts, they’re not as sophisticated as they were on the console version. Going for a more cartoony look on the handheld version, this adds more of a fun element to the game. He’s still playing the plumber-cum-ghostbuster with his makeshift vacuum cleaner as a device to bust the ghosts in his mansion. I like the name of it. ‘The Poltagust 5000′. It also finds hidden treasures! Also, Luigi has a torch to freeze the ghosts in their places so he can suck them up with ease.

Toad is also around to help out Luigi in challenges, and I find that’s a nice touch that he’s not struggling to do it all himself. There’s multiple mansions to explore- all with hidden dangers and puzzles to solve with Luigi’s strategy-based moves and tricks.

The game will be released both as physical and digital-download versions available from the Nintendo eShop. Look out for it around Christmas time!


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