Guardians of Middle-Earth Debut Trailer

E3: Guardians of Middle-Earth Debut Trailer

Guardian’s of Middle-Earth just launched the trailer for the game. After watching this trailer, I see an Xbox purchase in my near future just to purchase this game. If your familiar with League of Legends this game should be fairly easy to pick up, though I don’t know how well a MOBA will work on a console. That aside, I am really, really excited for this game, and can’t wait to play Thor Gimli.

Some suspicions from the trailer:

Gimli can destroy Thor in a showdown match. Seriously. Watch the trailer, Gimli is a boss! Aside from that, I do have a really good feeling about this game, especially after this cinematic trailer they released. As I watched it, I felt confident that this game will succeed. Here’s why:

A lot of game companies really don’t have a lot of money and sometimes don’t even have something to show right away to get support. They’ve basically just got either a very rough Alpha build or the idea on paper with the game engine still being worked on. With Guardians of Middle-Earth they created this beautiful trailer of all of our favorite Lord of the Rings characters and from what the YouTube comments has to say, people love it. Guardians of Middle-Earth has something to show and it’s already drumming up a lot of support. That’s why I think it’s going to succeed and be a big highlight of 2012.

How about we beg Monolith Productions for a PC port, eh?

What do you think?

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