Runes of Magic: Fires of Shadowforge

E3: Frogster Releases Cinematic Trailer for Runes of Magic: Chapter V

With all the E3 buzz floating around, one of the highlights of this week  amidst all of the chaos has to be this new cinematic trailer that Frogster has unveiled. It’s actually one of the most beautiful trailers that has been released this past week and a lot of work has definitely gone into it. The guys over at Runewaker Entertainment really deserve a applause.


Runes of Magic: Fires of Shadowforge is slated for a June 12 release with a new playable race, two new playable classes, three new high level dungeons and much, much more. You can expect this new chapter in Runes of Magic to be packed full of extra content and new environments to explore.

On another note, I wonder if Blizzard is going to sue over this?

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