The Winners of our Warlock: Master of the Arcane Giveaway!

After a ton of entries, we’ve randomly selected 5 winners who will each receive a Steam copy of Warlock: Master of the Arcane courtesy of Paradox Interactive! Here are our five winners and their respective entries:

WINNER: Maheshjr2000

Harry Dresden

WINNER: theboombar

Nikola Tesla, the electro-wizard!

WINNER: janizary

Quite simply there is one magic user who stands above them all - Tim from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.


Master Rahl guide us. Master Rahl teach us. Master Rahl protect us. In your light we thrive. In your mercy we are sheltered. In your wisdom we are humbled. We live only to serve. Our lives are yours.

And perhaps the finest entry we received…

WINNER: Double F

Most of us see mages as old dudes with sticks who shoot electric sparks. But not Alester Sarwyck. This badass only uses fire. Water? That’s for pu**ies who wouldn’t know an offensive spell if it hit them in the head. Earth? Who wants to fight with a pile of dung? Air? How the f**k is wind supposed to hurt you?

No, this motherf**ker relies on the light of R’hllor and his light only. Also he doesn’t use a pansy stick, book, orb, whatever mages use nowadays. He fights with real man weapons. Maces, swords, bows and arrows, you name it. Oh, but he can’t be a mage with those you say? GUESS AGAIN. He lights all of the above on fire. But that’s not it, when you’re screaming in pain due to his flames eating away at your flesh, he will f**king blow you up, piss on your corpse, and use the fires that killed you to heal himself. Also since a lot of mages are old, their eyesight is bound to wear down in time right? Not Alester’s. He uses fire to actually see better. How does that work? Who the fuck cares, this guy can track down that guy who made your sister pregnant, and then give him a painful death, all with a wave of his hand.

Now I know you’re smitten with his power and thinking “Holy sh*t when will this guy take over the world?” The answer is never. He could probably slap your sh*t all the way to Qarth, but he won’t. No matter how tough he is, he’s a nice guy. He just wants to restore peace to his hometown and rule over it as a rightful lord. Nothing more, nothing less.

Alester Sarwyck is the best magic user in all of Westeros. F**k, he’s the best magic user in ALL worlds. Prove me wrong.

Be sure to check your emails and reply in order to receive your code! Winners have 7 days to claim their code before we choose a NEW winner.

Enjoy your game and congratulations to all the winners!

2 thoughts on “The Winners of our Warlock: Master of the Arcane Giveaway!”

  1. Congrats to the winners. I think the Tesla is the most innovative and interesting answer. Electro wizard FTW!

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