Fancy A Game of Operation?

Doctors in London, UK are trialling the use of wireless gaming systems to help them with delicate keyhole surgery. The system enables them to use their voice or hand gestures instead of touching unsterile items such as keyboards and mice while in the operating theatre.

Surgeons say that it’s proving to be far more precise and reliable than the cameras and computer equipment used up to this point. Independents are predicting that this could be the norm in the next ten to fifteen years. Using this system, both surgeons and doctors are championing this method over that of what they were using. With keyboards and mice, there is always the chance of cross-contamination, and the equipment would have to be sterilised after each surgery. And 3D imaging technology is also problematic with the reliance of their colleague trying to capture the correct image, which can be frustrating and time-consuming.

The trial is currently taking place at a hospital in the capital, and anyone familiar with the Microsoft Kinect system will understand how this works. Which is also means that it will be cheaper to train future doctors and surgeons on using the system. It’s been adapted to recognise the surgeons voice commands and arm movements while performing the critical proceedure. This is one of the first trials of the Kinect system in the world- with the hope that with the research conducted at this facility, more hospitals will be lining up to also use the equipment. It’s early days yet, but the potential is great.

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