Rosewill Announces New R5 Gaming Mid-Tower

Rosewill announced today the release of their latest addition to their line of computer cases, the R5 Gaming Case. While not much of a stunner on the outside compared to many other popular gaming cases out there, this one seems to have it where it counts. As someone who has spent a better part of his life building and servicing computers, I can tell you how important a flexible, versatile, cool-running case can be. Forget the flashy LED lights and the chrome finish, and look where it counts.

The R5 is not only going to run you less than $100, but it also includes 7 expansion slots, 4 tool-less 5.25″ and 3.5″ bays, and covers and dust filters on the top and front fan bays. Not to mention the case comes with 3 fans and can support up to 8 total. Rosewill also reports that they’ve researched the air flow patterns for maximum results based off of the fan mount positions in the case.

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