PAX East 2012: Preview - SMITE

One of the titles that caught our eye heading into PAX East was SMITE, a third-person MOBA title from Hi-Rez Studios, the creators of Tribes: Ascend. While we didn’t have the chance to get any hands-on time with the title, we did get to speak with Gabriel Mugelli from Hi-Rez about the upcoming title and what players can expect.

The game follows standard MOBA rules - three lanes, towers, minions, hiding spots, you name it - and it also offers very similar styles of gameplay to players familiar with games like DOTA or League of Legends, including upgrading skills, item purchasing, etc. The learning curve for current MOBA players will be small, but the third-person design does add an interesting element to the typical top-down approach you get with most MOBAs.

Mugelli informed us that the game is planned to be free-to-play, just like Tribes, and features gods of lore as the heroes of choice, pulling names from Greek, Egyptian, Norse and Chinese gods. Their abilities are also along the same theme of the gods, as well. In SMITE, the objective isn’t to destroy a structure of any sort but to defeat a massive minotaur that stands guard at your main base. The challenge, however, appears to be the same.

I can’t say much about SMITE that can’t be said about any MOBA, except for the drastic change in approach with the third-person perspective. This change allows for more strategic approaches, sneak attacks and definitely requires more awareness on the players’ part as to what is around them.

SMITE is approaching a beta release and is estimated for release sometime later this year. For more, visit and to register for the beta. Check out some footage of the game provided by Hi-Rez below:

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