Dragon Ball Z Kinect Wants You To Become A “Super Scion”

So the first trailer for Dragon Ball Z Kinect dropped today, and while I’m always apprehensive about motion fighting games, I will admit that DBZ Kinect half intrigued me. Then… I saw this.

Now before we talk about that gem at the end, let’s just discuss trailer in general. For starters, the purpose of a trailer is to demonstrate features of the game - the BEST features of a game - at their finest, with as much sparkle and shine as you can muster. This trailer manages to successfully disappoint in all of those areas, even if some of the effects are okay. The person playing couldn’t possibly be less into the game and the random flashing lights throughout the cityscape are… what exactly? This is the same DBZ where 99% of all the fighting took place in the largest most open fields ever found, right?

But I digress. The game looks rather lame, but the final bit seals the deal… “Become a Super Scion”. No, there is no doubting it. The announcer - the PAID ANNOUNCER who likely said “oh, how do you pronounce this word?” instead of saying “Say-ahn”, says “Sy-ohn”.


So… now is your chance to become a Dragon Ball Z warrior, guys. Maybe you too will become… a super.. *sigh*.. scion.

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