GKick Review: SSX

SSX | Available Now
Xbox 360, Playstation 3 | Publisher: Electronic Arts | Developer: EA Canada

My experience with the SSX franchise stems all the way back to the first entry on the PS2. It was my first game for the system, and I loved it. I couldn’t even afford the memory card at the time, so every time I played, I started from the beginning, over and over. But that didn’t stop me- I was in love. The graphics were stunning, the stunts were insane, the music was perfect, and it now holds a special place in my heart as not only my introduction to that generation of consoles, but as the introduction to one my all-time favorite series.

SSX 3 ultimately wound up being my favorite in the series, employing an open world to explore and a (very) slightly toned down aesthetic. SSX: On Tour and Blur followed 3 and in my opinion, both were disappointing. The open world was all but scrapped, the music shifted to a more “indie rock” vibe (which wouldn’t have been such a bad thing if they hadn’t also changed the way the music was influenced by how well you were preforming), and the motion controls for the Wii version were so frustrating that after an hour, I never played it again.

It has been nine years since SSX 3 (NINE YEARS?! I just looked it up and it made me feel old. Sorry. Keep reading.) was released, and in the  time since, there has been an SSX sized hole in my heart waiting to be filled. After Blur, I was convinved that this was a hole that was to remain gaping and sad. Then when EA announced “SSX: Deadly Descents”, my heart sank even lower.  The trailer shown promised a dire, ugly, and hardcore version of the whimsical series I knew and loved.  Apparently the backlash was enough for EA to drop the “Deadly Descents” from the title and after months of silence, reintroduced the title as a reboot, named simply “SSX”.

This gave me hope. But, really, could this game live up to my, admittedly, extraordinary expectations? I was ready to have my heart broken again like a sad ex-boyfriend seeing a former lover hooking up with the cast of the Jersey Shore.

Instead, what I have experienced is more akin to meeting up with an old friend after years of silence only to discover that, hey, we get along pretty good.


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