GKick Review: Rochard

Rochard | Available Now
Playstation 3 PSN / PC | Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment | Developer: Recoil Games

What a delightful surprise.

I’d heard some good buzz around the ‘ol internet about Rochard. Given the chaos of holiday season releases it was difficult to drum up any enthusiasm for myself in regards to what looks like “just another quirky platformer”. Then I was assigned to review the game and I am very thankful that I was pushed into playing through it.

Played from a 2.5D perspective, Rochard is a platform physics based puzzler with some combat thrown in for good measure. You play the character Rochard- a gruff voiced, fat bellied, mustache sporting asteroid miner. Armed with a gravity gun not terribly unlike the Half-Life 2 “zero-point energy field manipulator” , you make your way through levels by solving relatively simple puzzles and dispatching enemies in creative ways.

Doesn’t sound terribly exciting, does it? What makes it work is just how well they pulled it all together. The characters are likeable, the puzzles are fun, and the combat (while slow at first) is immensely satisfying. The well done and appropriate soundtrack serves as a cherry on the top of what is a delicious distraction from the deluge of triple-A titles hitting this time of year.

Mind you, the game does have a few issues here and there, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

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