Join The GKick Staff This Weekend For Extra Life 2011!

That’s right! With Extra Life 2011 starting up in less than 24 hours, the Bottom Line Live’s Steph and the GKick Podcast’s Ali are participating in this year’s event! We’ve been hard at work getting the word out to the masses in support of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and Extra Life that we hope you’ll join us every step of the way! Here’s some quick details and info for you listeners and readers to join us, ask some questions, and partake in raids, dungeons and battlegrounds with us starting tomorrow at 8:00 AM EST!

On Rift you can contact us at the following:

Realm: US-Belmont (Defiant Side)

Guild: Extra Life Defiant

Steph: TBA

Ali: Setsunali, the Lvl 1 Eth Mage

and if you’d like to level up with us on World of Warcraft, join our level 1 toons for sheer debauchery and good times:

Realm: US-Doomhammer (Alliance Side)

Guild: Northrend Travel Agency

Steph: Puddingstraz, the Lvl 1 Night Elf Priest (you can contact Steph in a whisper for her main toons’ info)

Ali: Setsunali, the Lvl 1 Draenei Mage (you can contact Ali in a whisper for her main toons’ info)

We’ll be tweeting as consistently as possible on Twitter under the name @GKickNetwork so be sure to follow us and you can also chat directly with us on Skype at GKickAli. Thanks so much and we hope to see and hear you all tomorrow!

About Alisha Turull

The Editor-in-Chief of, co-host of the GKick podcast, and an absolute Frost Death Knight / PvP junkie.