The GKick Podcast Now Joins The GamingAngels Presents Family

That’s right folks! As we’re soon approaching the 1 year benchmark for the podcast the great folks at GamingAngels have just announced the GKick Podcast joining the ranks on the GamingAngels Presents Network. Stated in an official press release sent out moments ago:

Girl Gone Geek and GKick are joining Panels on Pages’ PrincessCast, Game Dames and The Married Gamers as members of the GamingAngels Presents Network, which is currently in its second year. Let’s learn about them!

Girl Gone Geek Blog was created by Jamila Rowser, and it’s been running since May 2010. Jamila started her blog in May 2010 as a way to blend her love for writing and her geeky obsessions — sci-fi, comics, literature, anime, you name it. She enjoys and encourages a collaborative community with her readers and loves having good old-fashioned geekouts with them on her Twitter (@girl_gone_geek) and Facebook pages (

The GKick podcast — hosted by Shal, Hya, Tor and Ali — presents the latest news and discussion topics on World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic. It’s gone from a guild-only guilty pleasure to a giant show with music features and very (very) mature content. It’s also spawned the GKick Network, which features gaming, entertainment and sports news as well as an assortment of podcasts and humor sites. GKick’s first anniversary is this October. (Ding!)

“I’m excited for GKick and Girl Gone Geek to join the GA Presents Network,” said Trina Finton, founder and CEO of GamingAngels. “GA Presents now offers even more for our readers: gaming from a couple’s and female’s perspective, coverage of massively multiplayer online games and the best in geeky content. We aim to provide our readers with premium entertainment in every niche. GA Presents has had a tremendous year and we have more exciting announcements coming!”

For more on GA Presents, visit the information page here on GamingAngels.


On behalf of everyone of the GKick Podcast, we’re extremely excited to join alongside some great sites and podcasts under the GamingAngels Presents  family and banner.

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