Introducing: Pixelated!

We’ve just welcomed a new site to the GKick Network and we’re seeing a few old favorites absorbed into the fold today. Officially debuting on Monday - but with a sneak peek available right now - is our brand new gaming and technology news blog, Pixelated! I can’t really do the site justice here, but go ahead and click on this link - - and let us know what you think! BTW, don’t get too used to the layout. It’s still under development so it’ll probably be changing soon! Maybe more than once…

In some other news, we’re merging two of our sites into our core sites. FreeC Gaming will officially merge into, so all future FreeC related topics will be posted here. Also, our humor site Stuff My Guild Says will have all future content posted at Pixelated, but the existing site will remain at for now.

But anyway, I encourage one and all to check out Pixelated and share your thoughts!

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