GKick Episode 33: The One With The Dragon Rides

This week on GKick, it’s Hya’s birthday (!!!) and we’re joined once again by Loganowitz of the LeetSauced podcast at We cover the latest in WoW news, upcoming info on the Diablo III beta, the addictive nature of WoW, the best and worst of the expansions, and a 3rd Degree with Loganowitz that gets.. scarring.


Want to see for yourself what was so bad about this week’s final segment? Here you go:

One thought on “GKick Episode 33: The One With The Dragon Rides”

  1. so i have a comment and uh Hya i want you to open up the podcast to the time of 1:12:49 and please tell me how 6+4+7+2=21 when it cleary adds up to 19 hahaha

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