GKick 32: The One Where We Get Saccown’d

This week on GKick, we’re joined by Mike Sacco of WoW Insider as we dig into the latest news on patch 4.3, Real ID grouping, threat changes, the latest on The Old Republic, WoW’s subscriber woes, 10 vs 25-man raiding, and much more! We also cook Mike Sacco to the 3rd Degree as we ask about his career, his food preferences, sports, pickles, and - of course - his hair. There is also music. Technically.


Enter our WoW Limerick contest for a chance to win one of two WoW TCG loot card codes, courtesy of Mike Sacco as a special treat for GKick listeners! And be sure to read the whole of WoW Insider and listen to him every week on The WoW Insider Show!

One thought on “GKick 32: The One Where We Get Saccown’d”

  1. There once was a pally from Doomhammer
    Who thought he could wield a hammer
    But he wiped us in Sunwell
    And ninja’d some mage gear…
    (yea no attempt to rhyme there)

    He came from a land of Pudding
    With minions to do his bidding
    He had tasty snacks
    but lost them to rats
    And now lives in Kul’Tiras begging.

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