Sunshine State Hockey Has Joined the GKick Network!

Back when I started looking for writers for GKick Network’s sports coverage, one of the first names I turned to was Marc Springston. I knew Marc a little bit from my days of writing for another gaming site, but I had also been actively following his hockey blog Sunshine State Hockey - While the site focuses mainly on the Floida Panthers, even on Twitter he was a font of knowledge about all things hockey. I won’t lie, I wanted him all to myself and immediately approached him about being our hockey contributor. With as busy as his life is, which is no surprise to me, he told me he wanted to focus on his own site. And hey, who am I to take someone away from their baby? That’d be like taking my attention away from this site and the other thousand things I have to do!

I knew, however, that I still wanted Marc and SSH to be a part of the team. Thankfully, he was very receptive to joining the GKick Network and I’m very proud to welcome Sunshine State Hockey as an official member of the GKick Network! Not only will you be able to find the latest SSH articles shortly on the main page of, but you’ll also be heavily encouraged - and I mean on all fronts - to point your browsers to on a regular basis to get the latest on the Florida Panthers and the rest of the NHL.

Want even more? Follow Marc on Twitter @SSH_Marc and tell him yourself how much you love his hockey coverage and how glad you are to see him as part of the GKick Network!

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