GKick Episode 21 is NOW ONLINE!


This week on GKick, we’re joined by Stealthy and Ali as we discuss BlizzCon 2011, our predictions for the show, the latest nerfs to Heroics and leveling, the wonderful (and perhaps illegal) world of Pokemon, strange gaming habits, and more! This week, we also showcase a new song by our good friend Greyfoo (who I swear we’ll convince to get on the show someday!)


GKick will be back on May 8th, but don’t forget to enter our contest on stuffmyguildsays.com to win yourself some free WoW loot and also listen to Bottom Line Live every week, LIVE!!

On April 30th, be sure to visit leetsauced.com to listen to Hya’s appearance on their show! It’ll be awesome!

Posted on: April 23, 2011, by : Steve Perry

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